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Arigo Surgeon of the Rusty knife

ArigoAn amazing phenomena.  This book describes healings performed by an uneducated Brazilian known as "Arigo" through the agency of a spirit calling itself "Dr Fritz".

The evidence presented is incontrovertible as he healed literally tens of thousands of people (including doctors and family members of doctors) seeing about 300 patients per day for years.  These healings and operations were often performed using noting mpre than a simple kitchen knife and no anaesthetic, no sterile procedures.

No money or gifts were ever taken for this work.


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IrisThis is my 87 year old grandmother Iris Turner. Her maiden name was Lucas – anglicised from Lekos by her grandfather  – she suspects she might be related to George Lucas the filmmaker because one of her uncles, Harry, left South Africa for the US and he,  "Had a brother called Georgio so might have called his son George – you know how these greeks are!"

I think Iris has remained so with it and active because of her capacity to laugh – especially at herself. 

Today while making butternut soup for dinner she told me this story:  "I had some friends coming for dinner so wanted to give them some ice cream for dessert.  I saw a tub of vanilla ice cream in the freezer but when I opened it to check how much there was it was full but the ice cream was caramel.  I was indignant.  How could they have put caramel ice cream in a vanilla tub.  I went straight to  the store, complained and exchanged it for a new tub of vanilla. 

When I got home and went to put the ice cream away I saw another tub of ice cream in the freezer.  This was the vanilla ice cream I wanted.  I had just gone to the store and exchanged my frozen butternut soup!  Well I laughed so hard I nearly fell over.  In fact it kept me laughing the whole day… I even woke up in the middle of the night and had a good laugh about it."

This is classic Iris.  Once she tumbled down 20 stairs at a polo ground and was badly hurt – just before she was taken away she told the astonished onlookers "Thats all forAct one!".  She’s great – I love and admire her greatly.

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Gabrielle is 5 today

SimongabrielleIt is so so sooo good to see her after way too long apart.

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Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini2Someone very close to me is currently going through a rather intense kundalini awakening.  Although potentially a great blessing when this happens suddenly and in a short period of time and encounters blockages it can be uncomfortable and disruptive. If you don’t know exactly what is happening it can also be frightening. 

Phsysical symptoms range from – muscle spasms, to itching, vibrating, crawling sensations (especially over the charka points); feelings of intense heat or cold; involuntary bodily movements; alterations in eating (loss of appetite or much greater appetite) and sleeping patterns; extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue; intensified or diminished sexual desires;  headaches, pressures within the skull;  Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest AND one of the major signs – digestive system problems (Kundalini resides in the abdomen and that this distention is due to a purification of this area). 

Emotional symptoms include – Emotional outbursts, rapid mood shifts, seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief, fear, rage, depression;  Spontaneous vocalizations laughing or weeping; mental confusion and difficulty concentrating.

Psychic/Sipritual symptoms include the whole gamut

I have suggested stopping upward meditation practise (such as kundalini yoga or vipassana)  at this point combined with anything which makes her feel grounded in the body. Things such as eating filling meals (with grains and root vegetables like potatoes, parsnips and carrots), dancing, exercising and doing manual labour  as well as being outdoors in nature.

Some links for advice on Kundalini Awakening.

http://www.cit-sakti.com/index.htm [[Highly Recommended]]

I don’t think Kundalini awakening is the same thing as becoming a sage or becoming egoless.  It could however be the same event that some refer to as "enlightenment".  Hah that has thrown the cat among the pigeons – see how confusing throwing "enlightenment" in there is!  Damn problematic term…

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TelephoneThey are by definition not in the NOW.  The fact is that in the present moment you ARE apart so your reference to the relationship relationship gets tangled by time. The relationship is either in memory (past) or in fantasy (future).

Of course relationships work best when they are grounded in present reality.  We often colour the past either rose or black depending on our present mood and we prejudice our future with a whole weight of dreams and expectations.  "Wait and see" is a good line for any emotion or plan you have while separated.

This seems to somewhat contradict the earlier point made about long distance relationships needing a finite duration – this is planning the future.  Yet living in the present does not preclude planning – it just precludes projection into "might be" and "wouldn’t it be great if".  Plan to be together then "wait and see" how it is.

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Enligtenment again

Ten9sSo what is enlightenment?  And has any other word  carried such a burden  of confusion?

prefers not to use the word stating that what spiritual seekers are looking for ultimately boils down to peace.  He says that the sage, wether he is experiencing pain or pleasure in the moment, is anchored in peace.

The experience of the egoless one is thus not necessarily "Bliss" as "Ananda" is often translated.  Indeed as Shiv and I translated it in the Bliss Pilgrimage. So the bliss that Rani speaks of in the essay I referenced yesterday was some other phenomena.

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