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Beloved readers,

I’ve been depriving you.  Posting has been sparse yet so much has happened.  The last 3 weeks have been a time of incredible expansion.  A lot of the testing times earlier in the year seem to have provided fuel for an incredible stretching.

Amazing connections with many beautiful people, juicy love affairs, full-on sychronicities, staying open during the arousal of old fears and insecurities.  All this has been happening.  And most of it happening with a companion which is new for me.  I’m so used to walking my spiritual path alone … times together with another person have been more like interludes in the journey or fuel for breakdowns/breakthroughs.

Being together with someone has not in my past been conducive to spiritual practise.  This seems to have changed, I’ve been travelling for the last 2 weeks with someone who stretches me, does not let me be complacent and ALSO gives support and companionship.  A very new sort of thing…and a quite delightful one.

Some of the lessons during the past weeks:

-Stay with the process, even when it gets uncomfortable if you stay open and acessible one assimilates much more.

– Armor is unnecessary if you are insubstantial enough.  Don’t protect your vulnerable bits, leave them exposed but let events pass through withoput harming you.

– Be available to life.  Miracles happen if you don’t fill your time with obligations and other people’s expectations. This also entails a willingness to let big things happen and not cower under the bed when they do.


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Still on the Road

Noordhoek, where I’ve been staying the past few days.

Still travelling hence the scarce posting.  Am about to spend a second week in Cape Town which is gorgeous.  I like it here a lot, beautiful natural surroundings, lovely people and great energy.  Much more my kind of vibe than Johannesburg.  So the next step is to manifest work and accomodation here.

Current practise:

– Chi Kung in the morning

– Walking or sitting meditation later in the day

– Seamm Jasani exercises when I get the time and space

Current process:

Love, relating, staying open and exploring.  More about this if I get some time…

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Nina’s Weblog

Nina is one of the most amazing people I know.  She is switched on, down to earth, funky and funny.  A goddess babe if ever there was one.  We were together for 4 years but are now separated, our destiny was not to remain a couple and this is good.  We still love each other hugely though.

Nina has had a big challenge lately dealing with chronic persistent pain from a bout of shingles.  Her insights into pain and how this relates to life and spirituality are enlightening read them at her weblog here…


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Funky Jesus

SANTA ROSA, CA, United States (UPI) — Robert W. Funk, a divinity
scholar whose institute questioned New Testament miracle stories, died
at his California home at age 79.

Funk`s controversial Jesus Seminar also questioned the authenticity
of many of the statements attributed to Jesus, the Los Angeles Times
reported Wednesday.

Funk`s Westar Institute, which sponsored the seminars, stirred
controversy among conservative Christians, while liberal Christians
applauded its scholarship for making Christianity believable and
relevant in the postmodern world, the Times said.

The seminar had said many of the miracles attributed to Jesus never
occurred, at least in a literal sense. It said in 1995 that Jesus did
not rise bodily from the dead. But its scholars also concluded the
religious significance of Jesus` resurrection did not depend on
historical fact.

Funk said Jesus was ‘one of the great sages of history,’ but he was
not the man portrayed in a surface reading of the New Testament.

Funk earned his doctorate from Vanderbilt University and later
taught there. He also taught at the American School of Oriental
Research in Jerusalem. He wrote several books. Survivors include his
wife, two daughters, and a brother.

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Cosmic Interrelatedness

Once the Empress Wu asked the Master Fa Tsang if he could possibly give her a practical and simple demonstration of the principal of cosmic interrelatedness, of the relationship of the one and the many, of God and his creatures, and of the creatures one to another.
Fa Tsang went to work and appointed one of the palace rooms so that eight large mirrors stood at the eight points of the compass. Then he placed two more mirrors, one on the celing and one on the floor. A candle was suspended from the celing in the center of the room.
When the empress entered, Fa Tsang lit the candle. The empress cried “How marvelous. How Beautiful.”
Fa Tsang pointed at the refelction of the flame in each one of the ten mirrors and said, “See, your majesty, this demonstrates the relationship of the one and the many, of God to each one of his creatures.”
The empress said,”Yes, indeed, Master. And what is the relationship of each creature to the others?”
Fa Tsang answered, “Just watch, your majesty, how each mirror not only reflects the one flame in the center, each mirror also reflects the reflections of the flame in all the other mirrors, until an infinite number of flames fills them all. All these reflections are mutually identical; in a sense they are interchangable, in another sense each one exists individually. This shows the true relationship of each being to his neighbour, to all that is. Of course, I must point out , your majesty,” Fa Tsang went on, “that this is only a rough approximate and static parable of the real state of affairs in the universe, for the universe is limitless and in it all is in perpetual multidimensional motion.” Then the master covered one of the infinite number of reflections of the flame and showed how each apparantly insignificant interference affects the whole organism of our world.
Then Fa Tsang in order to conclude his command performance, held up a small crystal ball and said, “Now watch, your majesty, how all these large mirrors and all the myriad forms they reflect are mirrored in this little sphere. See, how in the ultimate reality, the infinitely small contains the infinitely large and the infinitely large the infinitely small, without obstruction. Oh, if only I could demonstrate to you the unimpeded mutual interpenetration of time and eternity, of past, present and future. But alas, this is a dynamic process that must be grasped on a different level…”

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Mayan Sign

Glyph9I am a red resonant moon.

I channel in order to purify
Inspiring flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of birth
I am a galactic activation portal   enter me

Red Moon is the cosmic seed of awakened awareness. Consume
          it like a fruit, and let it blossom within you. You are on the quest
          of self-remembrance, of Godseed. If you work with the energy of Red
          Moon with clear awareness and attention, an awakened state of remembrance
          will naturally blossom within you. Remembrance means having direct access
          to your expanded presence through an intrinsic perception of unity.
          Remembrance is your recognition of the larger pattern and your connection
          to it, often facilitated through dreams, art, music, colors and creative
          pursuits. With focused attention, meditate on Red Moon and you will
          receive help with self-remembrance.

          Red Moon is also a beacon or transmitting station. As you open to self-remembrance,
          you become a beacon and receiver for cosmic consciousness. This communication
          creates the gradual opening of the third eye, the eye within the mononlith
          of self. As this eye opens and your communication becomes more refined,
          you will notice more signs, signals and understanding coming to you.
          These are all for your growth and evolution – a feedback system from
          which you can gain insight about your journey.

          The number for Red Moon is 9, which symbolizes the recurrence of great
          cycles. An example of such recurrence is the periodic return of master
          teachers to help awaken human beings on Earth. Nine is the number of
          Quetzalcoatl, buddha, and Christ. Red Moon is a symbol for great teachers
          who have come to translate universal wisdom to humanity, to embody the
          awakened state of consciousness that is accessible to all. Such teachers
          serve as a connection to the Divine and hold the promise of full self-mastery.

          Take off the veil of forgetfulness. Become the beacon of awakened awareness.
          As you open to self-remembrance, you will freely receive divine guidance.
          Be with others who support your fullest expression.

          Tone is Tone 7 – Resonant


Mystical alignment, self-acceptance, technician of the
          sacred, direct connection with the Source.
          Seven is the ray of Mystical Power, the foundation of the individual
          self freed within the two points of polarity. Your soul calls forth
          your ability to decode the hidden mysteries. Claim your mystical wisdom
          by acknowledging your personal relationshp to the Source. Catalyze the
          mystical force of your seven chakras to propel you to the region of
          divine illumination.
          The consciousness of seven puts theory to the test, asking for practical
          application of your mystical power. As a technician of the sacred, you
          integrate the polarity of worlds into an operant foundation. You wear
          the seven-pointed star, symbol of the master artisan. Combine your feelings
          and intellect to transmute matter into mystical consciousness. Standing
          in simple self-acceptance, craft a light body from the column of light
          in your spine. Open your lotus to the world. You are
          the gift. Accept yourself unconditionally. Freed from the need for outside
          confirmation, stand open to your full mystical power. Align with the
          spinning mystery of the seven: seven chakras, seven planets, seven rays,
          seven steps of the pyramid – the seven stages of consciousness conjoined.

Find your sign here, http://www.starroot.com/cgi/daycalc.pl
the date conversion is at the bottom of the page.

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Weblog offline

Credit Card problems. I’m currently imagining the final scene in Fight Club where the debt record gets erased. 🙂

Should be sorted out now.

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