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Ramana on Meditation

Ramana4 Sri Ramana’s insistence that awareness of the “I”-thought was a prerequisite for Self-realisation led him to the conclusion that all spiritual practices which did not incorporate this feature were indirect and inefficient:

“This path [attention to the ‘I’] is the direct path; all others are indirect ways. The first leads to the SElf, the others elsewhere. And even if the latter do arrive at the Self it is only because they lead at the end to the first path which ultimately carries them to the goal. So, in the end, the aspirants must adopt the first path. Why not do so now? Why waste time?”

That is to say, other techniques may sometimes bring one to an inner state of stillness, in which self-attention or self-awareness inadvertently takes place, but it is a very roundabout way of reaching the Self. Sri Ramana maintained that other techniques could only take on to the place where self enquiry starts and so heĀ  never endorsed them unless he felt that particular questioners were unable or unwilling to adopt self-enquiry.


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Back in Johannesburg

So I’m back in Johannesburg for a couple of weeks to gte ready for noving to Cape Town.  I was welcomed to the city after walking out the coach station, being grabbed in a head lock by one guy while two others pinned my arms as the 4th man pulled out a knife and cut my pants, took my wallet and cut my backpack off back. It was over in an instant and then they charged off.

I just hope they are delighted with the six rand fifty they got from my wallet  and the wet and ripped clothes from my backpack.  About 10-15 people stood around and watched doing nothing.  Nice one guys let the Mhlungu (white guy) get robbed. The annoying thing is the loss of my passport, id book, notebook and the shell and crystal I was given on my recent road trip. Plus my house keys.

I have shitty Jo’burg karma.  Regardless apart from a sore throat and some difficulty swallowing I am unscathed.

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Sanyasin weblog

Cool weblog from an Osho sannyasin: http://rohitsahib.blogspot.com/

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