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The Transcendance of Money

250px-the_worship_of_mammonI was in the bath reading “The Richest Man in Babylon” lent to me by my friend, Donna McCallum.  The resistance is growing. with. every. page. It feels so contracted, like most people seem to be about money rich and poor alike.  Does money dance?  Does money sing? I hate so much what we have done with this energy.  When I see the esoteric symbols of control on our banknotes & when I consider how usury traps so many people’s energy and sucks it to a few, when I look at how people enslave themselves or others to gather it to them all of this is what caused me a few years ago to reject money. 

If you ask me I would say I have little desire for wealth itself.  Yet I desire a beautiful home, world travel, fine foods and clothes, to stage lavish theatrical productions, to make weird experimental films, to throw sumptuous parties, to attend numerous courses, to have leisure time to live.  All of which require money…So repulsion and compulsion. 

As a vajrayana practitioner I know that the quickest way to transcend is to go through and so for the past 2 years I have been struggling to get back into the matrix, to save, to start businesses and to try and earn wealth.  Now on the verge of another business venture there is again a fluttering in my chest a scream, a roar, an almighty “FFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!”. What is it about this energy that is so difficult to hold with love, ease and awareness?  I know I am not the only one who struggles with this.

I know all is in full polarity and so that which appears so dark and tangled must be equally light and free. To a not inconsiderable degree I have found this with sex and desire but not yet with money.  There are still knots. When I look at the body/mind complex called “Donald Trump” I see that as much if not more energy flowing than in the body mind complex called “His Holiness the Dalai Lama”. Yet the struggle to find the transcendance in it remains with the body mind complex sometimes called “Simon Tzu”.

Where is the transcendant book about money?  I’ve read perhaps 100 books about business and money and the closest I have come is John De Martini’s “How to make one hell of a profit and still go to heaven” yet John while a lovely well intentioned being is still as cheesy as hell and pretty high on the cringe scale.  Maybe that’s it – its not so much that money is not unspiritual but rather that is is somehow seriously uncool….or rather legally earned money is uncool. Money earned from stripping, prostitution or drug dealing is kinda cool.  What the fuck?!  

There is something there, something around the freedom that illegal activities imply.  Chaotic money?! Anarchic money?  Can there be such a thing?

I imagine a strange multilayered organic city ancient beyond measure filled with beasts and warlocks, druids and poet-sorcerers…where the money is  a strange species of tiny iridescent plane-shifting butterfly which descends on those filled with mana and appears at need, disappears if abused and  flits from one person to another depending on the true exchange of energy between them. It has its own whims and cannot be hoarded but only used in the moment…

Hmmm…got distracted.  Facing the sheer density of money and earning a living is challenging.  Actually the best book about money I have read is Bernard Lietaer’s “The Future of Money” which deals with alternate forms of currency not based upon debt and usury – so it is not really a book about money in its present form at all but where it might move to.


But still we have money and I am seeking its transcendence.  The polarity of the sticky controlling flows.  If I open the eye between the brows I see a blazing white sword. Is this it?  One thing which money

 does better than anything else is settle obligations.  If we consider the network of favours and obligations which build up between family members and friends over time these karmic cord prove almost impossible to unknot and yet it seems like money can settle so much.  When somebody does something for you and you pay them the correct amount – no knots, no cords. 

Perhaps this is it – money seems such a clean pure form of energy it is like a concentrated drug.  Our bodies handle opium poppy tea and chewing coca leaves quite easily yet if we use cocaine or heroin the essence of the plant is too distilled and throws our system out and unearths vast quantities of karmas which we are unready to deal with.  Money is the distillation of an exchange mechanism. 5 chickens for a goat becomes more abstract with metal coins, then more so with paper notes, then more so as money becomes purely digital, and now most of our money is represented by light pulsing down fibre optic cables.

Is money simply an incredibly powerful distilled energy which like crack cocaine has simply been concentrated too much for human consumption? Is our challenge in a varjrayana type approach to become clear enough to use it without becoming addicted, and without frying ourselves in the process?


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