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No-Thingness I

The Door is Open – A Dialogue
by wei wu wei

Part I

I am not nothing!

why so?

Because I am not anything to be nothing.

You mean?…

I would have to be something in order to be nothing, but I am not anything.


In order to be nothing I would have to be. I have to be even to say that I am not.

Since you cannot say that you are nothing it cannot be true?

It cannot. But I can truly say that I am not any thing. I can say that what I am is not anything that objectively appears, nor anything that can be imagined, visualised, sensorially perceived, or cognised.


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Ramana"The Jhani (the Enlightened) continually enjoys uninterrupted, transcendental experience, keeping his inner attention always on the Source, in spite of the apparent existence of the ego, which the ignorant imagine to be real. This apparent ego is harmless; it is like the skeleton of a burnt rope–though it has form, it is of no use to tie anything with."

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If God wants to tether the camel, he will have to use somebody’s hands – he has no other hands.  And it is your camel! The best way and the easiest and the shortest is to use your hands.  Tether the camel then trust Allah.  You do whatsoever you can do.  That does not make the result certain, there is not guarantee.  So you do whatever you can, and then whatsoever you can,  and then  whatsoever happens, accept it.

This is the meaning of tether the camel: do whatever is possible for you to do, don’t shirk your responsibility, then if nothing happens or goes wrong, trust Allah…

It is very easy to trust Allah and be lazy.  It is very easy not to trust Allah and be a doer.  The third type of man is difficult – to trust Allah and yet remain a doer. But now you are only the instrument.  God is the real doer, you are just instruments in his hands.

The religious person is one who goes on doing whatsoever is humanly possiblebut creates no tension because of it. Then doing is a kind of prayer, with no desire that the result should be such.  Then there is no frustration.  Trust will help you to remain unfrustrated, and tethering the camel will help you remain alive, intensely alive.

Osho – The wisdom of the sands Vol1.

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