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First the Kogi  come forward and share theior secret wisdom, now this remote Siberian tribe. This is because we are reaching the end times of this World Age (and is yet more evidence for the shift.).  2012 is approaching and those who can help are revealing what they know…

People of a Siberian tribe live for not less than 100 years and never suffer from diseases

When children of the tribe see people outside the settlements
for the first time they got shocked that so many people drink alcohol
and smoke. The tribe is in fact isolated from the rest of the world.
The settlers say they feel sorry for other people living in the world
because their life is wicked. There are 5,759 people in the tribe; all
of them are vegetarians.

Elina Davydova is a woman who
was born in a remote secret settlement of very old Raskolnik Christians
in the Siberian taiga; these people have been living there for 15
centuries already. Elina’s mission is to teach people the right way of
living and cure them with the help of her unique inborn talent. Unlike
the numerous healers and swindlers claiming they are healers Elina
never takes money for her help to people.

Elina Davydova is sure that
people on the planet may live the way that people of her taiga tribe
do: they never fall ill and celebrate the first birthday at the age of
100. The people religiously follow the Bible commandments. They know
the authentic history of the planet and know the secret of the Egypt
pyramids, of Stonehenge and Noah’s Ark.

Elina has devoted her life to a major mission of helping people to pass
to the sixth civilization. She learnt about her mission at the age of
three. She is the seventh and the last woman in the clan having the
unique talent. Before that, there were seven men of the clan having the
talent. Elina’s grandmother told her that she would be the last woman
with the unique talent and after that people would pass to the sixth

read the rest in Pravada online: http://english.pravda.ru/science/19/94/377/15841_tribe.html


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2012 – The Shift

The shift of ages is coming in 2012.  There is so much evidence pointing towards this:

  • Mayan Calendar
  • Encoded information within mythology (cf. Hamlet’s Mill)
  • Channeled information
  • Predictions extrapolated from mainstream science sources (sunspot acticvity, movement of the magnetic pole, increased in seismic and volcanic activity, activity of other planets in the solar system)

The diagnosis2012 website gives the complete case for the 2012 shift.  I and many others find this information compelling but it just reinforces intuitions that many of us have had that the shift is coming.


That’s just 7 years away.  What are you doing to prepare?  What are you doing to increase your awareness?  It is time to stop fucking about. Time to stop chasing money, ambition, sex, romance.

I do not advocate any particular spiritual system or program – follow whatever you seem drawn to but follow it earnestly.  Earnestness is the key.  If you are earnest in your application you will see dramatic results especially now with such strong currents beginning to flow. 

Make the spiritual search your first priority.  No it cannot wait until you are more finacially secure, it cannot wait until you have a girlfriend/boyfriend or have sorted out your relationship, it cannot wait until your health improves.  It cannot wait. We have just seven years. Start today. Be earnest.

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The Shell Game

I am totally fine and was quite a way away from the bombs.  Thank you for al the texts and emails those of you wanting to see if I was ok.

The lack of updates is due to my computer having died on me.  Right now there is lots going on & it feels a bit like I’m between the pestle and the mortar.

Anyway the conventional narrative re: the bombs in London is so obviously bullshit one actually feels insulted at the media and politicians trotting out the same tired old memes.  I’m not going to get into that here as there is more important work to be done but if you want to get an overview check out Rigorous Intuition.

There is a "war" being played out. Islamic militants and American empire uilders are on the same side.  The "war" is between those who are creating unity and those who want to keep separation.  Those of us creating unity cannot win by fighting, we cannot win by any ofrm of contest as that simply legitimises the existing system.  The only means to victory is by ignoring all the mechanisms the dividers use and lovingly creating an alternative.

More about this soon.

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Expanding Earth

I have discovered interesting stuff about the earth expanding.  If combined with gaia theory of the earth as a living organisim then this means she is still growing.  Our earth is a young planet still growing in size, seems like she currently has a pretty out of control infestation of homo sapiens.  I  wonder how we will cope with the delousing…


THE controversial theories of one of Australia’s most eminent
geologists – the late Professor Sam Carey – have been revived and
adapted to explain why dinosaurs grew to the gigantic creatures that
dominated Earth 65 million years ago.

The new theory – building on Prof Carey’s ideas
that the Earth is expanding – suggests that when the dinosaurs first
began to appear 248 million years ago, Earth was a much smaller planet
than it is today and had a much weaker gravity.

The theory suggests it was the weaker gravity
that encouraged animals to develop to a gigantic size and enabled
dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex to weigh seven tonnes and tower 6.5

Prof Carey was the foundation Professor of
Geology at the University of Tasmania and became internationally famous
in the 1960s for his theories on “continental drift” and global
tectonics. In the 1970s, he broadened his theories to suggest that
tectonic plates move because the Earth is continually expanding.

Today the theory of an expanding Earth is still a
minority view but Stephen Hurrell, an engineering designer at Britain’s
Electricity Research Centre, has given it new currency.

Mr Hurrell has long been interested in the
effects of scale on the engineering of structures – particularly when
it comes to dinosaurs.

For example, other scientists have suggested that
T.Rex would have been so large and heavy that he would have found it
difficult to move. In fact some experts have calculated that T.Rex’s
leg muscles would not have allowed the animal to move fast enough to
run after prey. And had T.Rex slipped and fallen during a “chase”, the
huge weight could have caused a broken leg or massive internal injuries.

From http://www.grisda.org/origins/15053.htm

However, a small but persistent group of earth scientists argue that
the spreading sea floors and wandering continents are best explained in terms of an expanding
(Carey 1976, Carey 1983a, Carey 1988, Crawford 1986, Glikson 1980, King 1983,
Owen 1983a, Steiner 1977). In its most radical form this model assumes that sea-floor
spreading is entirely compensated by the increasing area of an expanding earth so that no
subduction occurs (Carey 1976, p. 14; Carey 1988, ch. 13; Crawford 1986). Some variations
on this incorporate modest subduction and collision along with the expansion of the earth
(Owen 1983b). In spite of the fact that a number of times the expanding earth is said to
have been discredited (Kerr 1987; Smith 1976, 1977, 1978; Wood 1979) the expanding earth
remains as an alternative model to plate tectonics.

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Beloved Friends,

If you too feel the shift coming there is now a place where we can help define the rules of the new game.  It feels like the time is ripe for a new leela – the old one is getting a little boring.

This group, http://groups-beta.google.com/group/Aeon-Shift-Kit, is for discussion and development of the tools needed to help people adapt to and midwife the shift of the Aeon.

This is related to the wiki – http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Aeon_Shift_Kit.  The wiki is where the actual information will be stored, anyone can edit those pages.  This groups is for discussion of what information goes into the wiki and how it can be improved and promoted.

Never forget that the critical question new game or old game is – "Who plays this game?". Once you have answered the type game of does not too much matter – so this is not a call for you to become obsessed with samsara. Awakening must take priority.

However we are here and the shift is coming. It would be an act of compassion to assist with the birth.

Please pass this information on.


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