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This is a fantastic South African term. One which is probably true in my case – have been pushing hard since getting here.  Enjoy being on the edge but in the last few weeks have probably been a little over it emorionally, spiritually and psychically. Tis a challenge being a prophet in your home town 🙂

Today I am bruised, sore and in bed.  Was hit by a car while cycling home from playing GO last night.  Johannesburg drivers really are not used to cyclists and he simply didn’t see me when driving across the intersection.  I saw him and was concerned he might go but he stopped for long enough to prevent me slamming on brakes and flying over the handlebars – which may have been worse anyway.

Could not get up and walk away (left knee is badly sprained from the bike hitting it)  so we had the whole ambulance, neck brace, hospital drama.  Luckily nothing is broken and it feels like with some arnica, ice, reiki and rest I’ll be fine in a few days.  May give up riding the bicycle at night though – or at least riding any distance.

Am struggling to come to terms with Johannesburg and think that was part of the accident.  A pretty conservative and still quite racially segregated place.  Of course part of the problem is not being total in ones energy.  I’ve always told others about living spaces "act like you’ll be living here forever" this means you put the right energy and spirit in which is always rewarded.  The same applies to cities and places and so the accident was a bit of a wake up to start being here fully even if I don’t love it here.


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Feet wanna be free

Nike releases a running shoe that emulates running barefoot…

From the day in 1970 that legendary University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman poured rubber onto his wife’s waffle iron to create a new running shoe sole, Nike has been a company dedicated to pushing the technological envelope in search of shoes that cushion, support and protect athlete’s feet.

Which is why its emphasis on running barefoot is so unexpected.

Of course, Nike is still a shoe company, so it isn’t suggesting literally running barefoot. Instead, it’s marketing a line of running shoes and trainers called Nike Free. The footwear is designed to emulate the motion of running au naturel.

The shoes had their genesis in a design brief submitted to Nike’s "Innovation Kitchen" by the company’s product people, who were asking for a new, lightweight training shoe for serious runners. The cooks in the Kitchen, Nike’s incubator for new projects, took that limited description and started asking around to see what sort of shoe people might be looking for.

During the course of their conversations with athletes and coaches, some Nike designers ended up talking to Vin Lananna, who was then the track coach at Stanford University. While discussing the Stanford program and his success there (Lananna’s 2002 men’s track and field team won the school’s first NCAA outdoor title since 1934), Lananna mentioned the unusual training he did with his athletes: He had them run on grass without shoes.

"He said that it kept his athletes stronger and healthier, and prevented injuries," recalls Tobie Hatfield, senior engineer for advanced products at the Nike Innovation Kitchen. "And since they were injured less, they could train more. He was sure this training was giving them an edge."

There was just one problem.

"We said, ‘That’s great, coach, you’re taking our shoes off to get better,’" says Hatfield.

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So if you want to run really well get yourself a pair of Nike Free running shoes.  Or here’s an idea you could save yourself hundreds of dollars and simply go barefoot.

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Anti Circumcision Rant

Wrote an anti circumcision rant which has been posted to the front page at Kuro5hin.org.

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Barefoot Being

Yay! I had an article on being barefoot posted to the front page at Kuro5hin.

Barefoot Being (Culture)

By stzu
Wed Jun 29th, 2005 at 08:22:10 PM EST

Early this summer I was at the Small World Music festival in Kent Southern England.  The music was great the crowd superb and many of us enjoyed wandering barefoot on the grass. 

A lot of the positive feelings were down to the general ambiance but I took particuar notice of how vital my feet felt, the coolness of the dew, the playful tickling of the grass, the warmth of the bare earth in the sunshine.  3 days barefoot and my feet felt alive and energised.  On returning to London and putting shoes it felt like caging a bird which had  been given a taste of freedom. So the shoes came off again.

Read it the rest at: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2005/6/29/44836/7374

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"It is like sex was in colour before and is now in black and white." – middle aged man speaking 6 months after his circumcision.

I was circumcised when I was 3 years old – it is my first memory.  I remember blowing into a balloon at the doctors surgery, falling unconscious and then waking up with a fire in my lap.  My penis hurt incredibly and it was wrapped very tightly in many bandages.  When we were walking from the surgery to the car I had to stop in the street and ask my mother to unwrap the bandages which were so tight and constricitng.  She refused at first, until I stopped walking any further and started screaming.  There was a momentary relief when the tight bandages cames off but the pain didn’t go away. At that moment I knew I’d lost something, even at 3 I remember feeling real loss and astonishment at what had happend.


Circumcised men experience less sexual pleasure. Circumcision removes twenty thousand nerve-endings. The rubbing of clothing on the sensitive mucosal membranes of the glans of the penis, the cause it to form callouses further reducing sensation.  With removal of the foreskin the penis also loses its only moving part, this prevents the gliding action during sex, making sex without lubrication painful for both partners.

Studies done by the Institute of Human Sexuality using micro-filament pressure wires have shown that circumcision causes losses of sensation of between 30% and 60%. This is just straight sensitivity and does not account for losses in pleasure due to callouses forming on the glans and the loss of the penis’ only moving part.

The issue of sexual sensitivity is one that has been largely ignored, there are two reasons for this: firstly most circumcisions take place on boys before they are sexually active so they have no benchmark; secondly circumcised men who hear this often go into denial, they do not want to confront the unpleasant fact that they have been robbed.

Foreskin Restoration

A few men who have suffered circumcision have figured out they are missing something and are trying to reverse the process. Surgery to restore the foreskin, where available, is expensive and fraught with complications. Manual stretching of the skin is much safer but the process takes many years, is inconvienient and uncomfortable and looks hilarious as guys attach sticky tape, weights, rubber o-rings and various homemade skin stretching paraphernalia to their dicks. 

Restoration restores the cosmetic appearance of the intact penis allows the callouses to slough off, and restores the gliding action during sex.  The nerve endings are gone forever.

I am in the midst of this process.  This is my third attempt at foreskin restoration, the first ended because I was just 20 and it was too emotionally harrowing, the second because of lack of support from my then partner.  This time is going better it was intially an emotionally intense process as I not only have come to terms with having had a large portion of my sexual pleasure irretrievably taken but also to deal with healing the physical and psychological scarring the circumcision caused.

Although there are many many foreskin restoration methods and devices I found nearly all devices tricky  to use and uncomfortable so now I stick with manual methods

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