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“My concept of the new man is that he will be Zorba the Greek and he will also be Gautam the Buddha: the new man will be Zorba the Buddha. He will be sensuous and spiritual, physical, utterly physical, in the body, in the senses, enjoying the body and all that the body makes possible, and still a great consciousness, a great witnessing will be there. He will be Christ and Epicurus together.” Osho

There are two primary modes of energetic expansion – for simplicity and becasue that’s how I experience them I’ll call them ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’.


This is the development of awareness.  Recognising your own and other’s patterns.  Process work, knowledge of self and others. There is a sense of sharpness and clarity about it. Although it is not seeing, this kind of energy opening is closest to the sense of sight.

As you start to develop this faculty one gets on top of the emotions and recognises them for arisings in the bodymind.  A non-attachment begins to develop and often changes in language take place – “I am sad” becomes “There is some sadness today”.

For me it feels centered in the Ajna or brow Chakra.

A flowering of vertical mode is what is commonly thought of when we call someone “spiritual”


This is the development of the capacity to move energy through the body, to sense into things and respond intuitively.  There is a warmth and feeling of aliveness about it. This kind of opening is closest to the sense of touch and movement.

As this faculty gets more developed there is a sense of flow and of being able to strongly affect the energy of others, heightened senses, increased pleasure. When this further develops it becomes an ability to go with the flow and there is a deep acceptance of what is.

For me it feels centered in the Svadhistana or belly chakra.

When there is an opening and expansion of the horizontal we often view people as artistic.


Practices which emphasise the vertical are meditation, enquiry such as Maharshi’s “Who am I?”, and deep process work through tools such as the enneagram.

Practices which emphasise the horizontal are creative and expressive ritual, dance, ecstatic prayer, sacred sex 

Practices which use both modes – Yoga, Magick, Singing, Active Meditations, Tantra, Dzogchen


Risks of an overemphasis of the vertical are dryness, a lack of juice, excessive analysis. Spiritual practitioners with a strong vertical and an underdeveloped horizontal mode get stuck with insufficient energy to power through conditioning and other internal blocks.

Risks of an overemphasis on the horizontal mode are an excess of undirected energy and this leading to all the dangers we associate with artistic temperament, mental instability, addiction, excesses of emotion.  Artists with an underdeveloped vertical often do not acheive much the undirected energy spills into drama and indulgence instead of being channeled into creativity.


Masters who emphasise the vertical mode – The Buddha, Zen Masters, Ramana Maharshi, Al-Maas

Masters who emphasise the horizontal mode – Rumi, Ramakrishna, Amma

Masters who have emphasised both modes – Osho, Gurdjieff, Adi Da, David Deida


I don’t think the initial journey toward unity can be attained through timid steps in both directions and an attempt to stay in balance.  That way lies a static underdevelopment in both spheres.  Each should be explored wholeheartedly and yet there needs to be a recognition that when diminishing returns are being obtained in one sphere, it is time to push the pendulum back the other way and start shifting modes.


In my own growth I have found a definite sense of swinging between these practices and at times in my life I have primarily explored one or the other.  I think of my time in business and then my time living in a park and a squat.

A few years back when I was strongly rooted (stuck.) in the horizontal I had the good fortune to meet an amazing woman who was very dedicated to vertical expression (primarily in the form of process work rather than meditation so I did not recognise it).  We proceeded to push each other very hard – it was mostly agony because of sharp shards of remaining ego we still both had (despite prior shatterings) and which we were configured to recognise and demand abandonment of in the other.

This kind of intimate partner work though intense proved to be a fast, high energy track. 

Right now the expressions have both reached a certain level where there is enough momentum that development is proceeding similtaneously 

Narcissus and Goldmund

In the book of this name Herman Hesse examines something similar to the two modes I speak of here through the  characters Narcissus and Goldmund.

“The thinker tries to determine and to represent the nature of the world through logic. He knows that reason and its tool, logic, are incomplete–the way an intelligent artist knows full well that his brushes or chisels will never be able to express perfectly the radiant nature of an angel or a saint. Still they both try, the thinker as well as the artist, each in his own way.” Narcissus

“Perhaps there were husbands and heads of families who did not lose their sensuality by being faithful. Perhaps there were people who, though settled, did not have hearts dried up by lack of freedom and lack of risk. Perhaps. He had never met one.” Goldmund

“Dear friend, how little you know me still!  Perhaps I did ruin a future monk in you, but in exchange I cleared the path inside you for a destiny that will not be ordinary.  Even if you burned down our rather handsome cloister tomorrow, or preached a mad doctrine of error to the world, I would not for an instant regret that I helped you on the road toward it.” Narcissus


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Funky Jesus

SANTA ROSA, CA, United States (UPI) — Robert W. Funk, a divinity
scholar whose institute questioned New Testament miracle stories, died
at his California home at age 79.

Funk`s controversial Jesus Seminar also questioned the authenticity
of many of the statements attributed to Jesus, the Los Angeles Times
reported Wednesday.

Funk`s Westar Institute, which sponsored the seminars, stirred
controversy among conservative Christians, while liberal Christians
applauded its scholarship for making Christianity believable and
relevant in the postmodern world, the Times said.

The seminar had said many of the miracles attributed to Jesus never
occurred, at least in a literal sense. It said in 1995 that Jesus did
not rise bodily from the dead. But its scholars also concluded the
religious significance of Jesus` resurrection did not depend on
historical fact.

Funk said Jesus was ‘one of the great sages of history,’ but he was
not the man portrayed in a surface reading of the New Testament.

Funk earned his doctorate from Vanderbilt University and later
taught there. He also taught at the American School of Oriental
Research in Jerusalem. He wrote several books. Survivors include his
wife, two daughters, and a brother.

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Cosmic Interrelatedness

Once the Empress Wu asked the Master Fa Tsang if he could possibly give her a practical and simple demonstration of the principal of cosmic interrelatedness, of the relationship of the one and the many, of God and his creatures, and of the creatures one to another.
Fa Tsang went to work and appointed one of the palace rooms so that eight large mirrors stood at the eight points of the compass. Then he placed two more mirrors, one on the celing and one on the floor. A candle was suspended from the celing in the center of the room.
When the empress entered, Fa Tsang lit the candle. The empress cried “How marvelous. How Beautiful.”
Fa Tsang pointed at the refelction of the flame in each one of the ten mirrors and said, “See, your majesty, this demonstrates the relationship of the one and the many, of God to each one of his creatures.”
The empress said,”Yes, indeed, Master. And what is the relationship of each creature to the others?”
Fa Tsang answered, “Just watch, your majesty, how each mirror not only reflects the one flame in the center, each mirror also reflects the reflections of the flame in all the other mirrors, until an infinite number of flames fills them all. All these reflections are mutually identical; in a sense they are interchangable, in another sense each one exists individually. This shows the true relationship of each being to his neighbour, to all that is. Of course, I must point out , your majesty,” Fa Tsang went on, “that this is only a rough approximate and static parable of the real state of affairs in the universe, for the universe is limitless and in it all is in perpetual multidimensional motion.” Then the master covered one of the infinite number of reflections of the flame and showed how each apparantly insignificant interference affects the whole organism of our world.
Then Fa Tsang in order to conclude his command performance, held up a small crystal ball and said, “Now watch, your majesty, how all these large mirrors and all the myriad forms they reflect are mirrored in this little sphere. See, how in the ultimate reality, the infinitely small contains the infinitely large and the infinitely large the infinitely small, without obstruction. Oh, if only I could demonstrate to you the unimpeded mutual interpenetration of time and eternity, of past, present and future. But alas, this is a dynamic process that must be grasped on a different level…”

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Searching, Seeking, Questing

by Rabindranath Tagore

I was searching for God for thousands of lives. I saw him, sometimes far away. I rushed, by the time I would reach there he had gone further. It went on and on. But finally I arrived at the door, and on the door was a sign, "This is the house where God lives."

I became worried for the first time. I became very troubled. Trembling, I went up the stairs. I was just about to knock on the door, and suddenly in a flash, I saw.

If I knock on the door and God opens the door, then what? Then everything is finished — my journeys, my pilgrimages, my great adventures, my philosophy, my poetry, all the longing of my heart — all is finished! It will be suicide!

Seeing the point, I removed my shoes from my feet because going back down the stairs might create some noise. And from the moment I reached the bottom of the steps I ran. I have not looked back. Since then I have been running for thousands of years.

I am still searching for God, although now I know where he lives. So all I have to do is avoid that place, and I can go on searching for him everywhere else. But I have to avoid that house. That house haunts me. I remember it perfectly. If by chance I accidentally enter that house, then all is finished.

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The Dark God

CernunnousFor a complete masculinity (or humanity for that matter) it is
necessary to explore and re-incorporate the Dark God.  Historically the
year was ruled half by the Dark God and half by the Light God. 

The Dark God rules the earth, nature, fertility, the underworld , death and birth (phases of transition to and from the underworld). intuition, lust, anger, chaos.  His symbols are the forest, soil, caves, the moon.

Because the Dark God has become associated with evil and been rejected from our psyche a lot of his attrributes are regarded as feminine.  They are not, all attributes are both masculine and feminine but through the current denial of the Dark God the Dark Goddess (who is still acceptable) has had to take up a lot of the slack. 

This taking up of the slack has been unhealthy as it causes men to either cut themselves off from intuition, flow, etctera and become too left brained and "light"  or to activate these charateristics in an unthreatening "feminine" manner.

As we men start to reclaim the Dark God one realises that it is possible to be in touch with our feelings, be in nature, be flowing, be intuitive, yet not lose one’s masculinity at all – indeed one becomes more masculine in a sense.

This is one of the things I was struggling with David Deida, although I love his work and have learned a lot from him, he constantly describes many of these characteristics as feminine and they ARE but only in our current worldview where the dark side of masculinity has been associated with evil. It is time to reclaim the masculine side of the right brain stuff.

The rejection of the Dark God is often even more pronounced in spiritual or religious circles! This is really dangerous as it leaves the Dark God to the fuck-ups. the disturbed kids who want to be Santanists.  The power-mongers and creators of separation who use images of the Dark God to terrify and manipulate.

Many worshippers of Satan, Asmodeus, Cernunnos, Baphomet etcetera are twisted and disturbed (in the phenomenal sense. In the actual/real there is of course no such thing but as long as we are talking about Dark and Light Gods we are clearly on the level of duality!). This is not the deity’s fault – they are worshipping this aspect of the divine precisely because others have rejected it.

India is, as is often the case, far healthier in this regard .  Shiva is totally worshipped and accepted.  It is time to reclaim the other Dark Gods and integrate them within our psychic pantheon.

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OmYesterday was Woman’s day in South Africa.  Spent it with an old friend Crystal and her son Alexander.  Alexander was born on 11/09/2001 – a pretty full on birthday.

I was singing the gayatri mantra in the car then explained to him that "OM" was the sound of the creation of the universe and if you listened you could hear it.
"I hear it", he said
"Now?", I asked
"Yes,  I hear it all the time.  Mainly when I sleep but also when I wake up….I see it too."
"You see it?"
"yes, of course"

Out of the mouths of babes.

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Spiritual Ego

There comes a certain point when other people start recognising your light/energy.  This has started happening.  Get strangers coming up and commenting on the presence they feel when around me, "Thanks for the energy?",  "It’s so great to have you here will you come again?", "your presence is a blessing".  Have asked some friends who are also on the path about it and they get the same thing.  The light within begins to shine so that those with the perception can see it.

The big danger here is developing a spiritual ego – "Wow look at what an accomplished spiritual person I am!".  Catch this happening here quite often.  Also catch fantasies of giving satsang or how I could help others on their path.  Then of course one wants to say this is bullshit but doesn’t want to be falsely humble!!  The ego is a tricky and insidious thing.

The personal I as opposed to the universal I.  The antidote is realisation that all is thanks to God and it is only through the grace of the divine that anything happens.  the great value of Advaita Vedanta here becomes clear.  Without a strong grounding in the teachings of Ramana, Wei wu Wei, Nisgardatta, and Ramesh the possibility exists for any spiritual practice, meditation or devotion to become another ego game.

Realising that you are not the doer and that there is in fact no one doing anything means practice is less dangerous.  Of course the ego will still be there until the final liberation, becoming more subtle and more flexible along the way.

"Until the final liberation" hehe.  Until implies time and liberation implies something there to be bound.  Words words words yada yada yada…

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