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IrisThis is my 87 year old grandmother Iris Turner. Her maiden name was Lucas – anglicised from Lekos by her grandfather  – she suspects she might be related to George Lucas the filmmaker because one of her uncles, Harry, left South Africa for the US and he,  "Had a brother called Georgio so might have called his son George – you know how these greeks are!"

I think Iris has remained so with it and active because of her capacity to laugh – especially at herself. 

Today while making butternut soup for dinner she told me this story:  "I had some friends coming for dinner so wanted to give them some ice cream for dessert.  I saw a tub of vanilla ice cream in the freezer but when I opened it to check how much there was it was full but the ice cream was caramel.  I was indignant.  How could they have put caramel ice cream in a vanilla tub.  I went straight to  the store, complained and exchanged it for a new tub of vanilla. 

When I got home and went to put the ice cream away I saw another tub of ice cream in the freezer.  This was the vanilla ice cream I wanted.  I had just gone to the store and exchanged my frozen butternut soup!  Well I laughed so hard I nearly fell over.  In fact it kept me laughing the whole day… I even woke up in the middle of the night and had a good laugh about it."

This is classic Iris.  Once she tumbled down 20 stairs at a polo ground and was badly hurt – just before she was taken away she told the astonished onlookers "Thats all forAct one!".  She’s great – I love and admire her greatly.


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