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I’ll take the Nine

In a dream Nasrudin saw himself being counted out coins. When there were nine silver pieces in his hand, the invisible donor  stopped giving them.
Nasrudin shouted "I must have ten!" so loudly he woke himself up.
Finding that all the money had disappeared he closed his eyes and murmured. "All right then give them back – I’ll take the nine."


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The Smuggler

Time and time again Nasrudin passed from Persia to Greeceon donkey-back.  Each time he had two panniers of straw and trudged back without them. Every time the guard searched him for contraband. They never found any.
"What are you carrying, Nasrudin?"
"I am a smuggler"
Years later and more prosperous in appearance, Nasruddin moved to Egypt. One of the customs men met him there.
"Tell me, Mulla, now that you are out of the jurisdiction of Greece and Persia, living here in such luxury – what was it that you were smuggling when we could neve catch you?"

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