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elusive than the African leopard, rarer than the legendary snow leopard
of the Himalayas, and as white as the polar bear of the Alaska, rumours
of the existence of pure White Lions have lived in the African Oral
Tradition for centuries. But there is only one place on earth were they
have materialised – the Timbavati region, bordering the Kruger National
Park of South Africa.

the African elders, used to looking for spiritual signs in nature, the
White Lions’ arrival was the fulfilment of ancient prophecy that
identified these majestic creatures as angelic messengers from God.
Identified as a sacred site by African Kings for many hundreds of
years, the name “Tsimba-vaati” in the ancient Shangaan language means
“the place where starlions came down from the heavens”. Born to the
golden lion prides that roam the vast Timbavati region, the African
elders explained their mysterious white colour in spiritual terms,
meaning purity and enlightenment, beyond all racial connotations. White
is sunlight, all the colours of the spectrum in one – beyond colour,
creed, race or gender. The White Lions are a magnificent icon for South
Africa’s rainbow nation, and a unifying symbol across world culture.

for their rarity, the White Lions were artificially removed from their
natural habitat into captive breeding/hunting programs in South Africa,
and sent to zoos and circuses around the globe, most famously Siegfried
and Roy’s magic act in Las Vegas.

Tragically, all White Lions
today are in captivity. After their forced removals from their sacred
homelands, they have been extinct in the wild for over 12 years.

studying the ancient knowledge of the White Lions with African elders
from all cultures for over ten years, Linda Tucker went on to found the
Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002. The
mission of the Trust is not only to protect the lions themselves, which
are at great risk from aggressive speed-breeding programs and trophy
hunting, but also to protect the indigenous knowledge that holds them

At last, after many years of battle, the primary
objective of the Global White Lion Protection Trust has been achieved –
to return this unique animal to the ancestral land that is their

Visit the website at: http://www.whitelions.org


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