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NietzschetreeNietzsche said, "For the branches to reach Heaven the roots must go down to Hell." Nietzsche’s Tree is a  meditation which came to me one day.  It is for channeling past pain and so-called "negative experience" into growth.

What Nietzsche was saying is that only FULL EXPERIENCING of the depth of pain and the depth of desire in the conscious and unconscious allows us to reach up to the heights of conscious joy.  A tree with shallow roots cannot grow very high.

The meditation

The best time to do this is just before dawn ( sop the sun rises during the meditation).  Go out into nature.  Stripping off and being totally naked would be best  – being barefoot is essential. If there is an old tree stump stand on it if not bury your feet in the earth.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself to be a tree. Your spine is the trunk and and bare branches tickling in the wind are your head and arms, feel your solid treeness.  Now on humans our root energy is between the ass and genitals down through the legs.  So roots are legs and anus, trunk is spine, branches are arms and head.

Bring your awareness to the roots.  Now as a tree that point is where your roots start and stretch down into the earth.  Let them go down deep into your unconscious places.  Now see the "shit" that you have felt – its all down there.  Your lusts, your hurts, your old wounds, your sins, your guilt.  A rich pungent loamy compost deep in the earth. Let some pictures of these past events appear and see them all tangled around your roots.

You know what?  Trees love shit, its just compost to a tre – it helps them grow.  Stretch your roots down into the shit.  Wiggle your toes roots and let them penetrate deeply into all that suffering and desire.

Now start to feel a rain coming down on your bare branches and washing cooly over your trunk soaking around your base and into the soil.  You can feel the rain washing down past your roots deep into the soil. It begins to rain harder you feel all the shit dissolving around your roots.  As the shit dissolves it becomes different nutrients that you start to suck up through your roots.  Feel all the shit breaking down and coursing up your roots and into your trunk.

All this energy move slowly yet powerfully up your trunk and as it does so the rain dies. The nutrients go up your spine straightening you out.  As they reach your arms branches the sun starts shining  and you feel green leaves growing from all over your arms, throat and face and opeing to receive the warmth and light of the sun.  Your leaves suck up power from the sun.

Now the shit energy mingles with the sunlight energy coming from your leaves.  The shit energy is still moving upward from your roots flowing strongly while the sunlight energy moves downward from the leaves.  In the middle of your chest the two meet and mingle.  These energies are perfectly complementary and together they make you expand and grow.  You feel your trunk expanding outward and a great love washing over you for this bounty, sunlight, shit and rain are all mingling in your glorious treeness,

And as this love, gratitude and joy expand so your forehead and top of your head starts to be covered with small buds.  These buds grow larger and larger until they begin to open.  Zoom in to one of the buds – it is slowly unfolding into the most beautiful flower.  The flower begins to unfold it’s petals opening out deep red and pink, the parts in the middle spring up as the flower opens to receieve the warmth of the sun.  Now the most beautiful delicate perfume begins to fill the air. 

You are blossoming and this delicious fragrance is coming from you. Just sit there for a moment and let its smell embrace you.  And remember it is the shot you deal with in life all your past shit and all the present shit that makes this fragrance possible,  So thank the shit and the shitters for they supply the manure you need to grow and to blossom.


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Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini2Someone very close to me is currently going through a rather intense kundalini awakening.  Although potentially a great blessing when this happens suddenly and in a short period of time and encounters blockages it can be uncomfortable and disruptive. If you don’t know exactly what is happening it can also be frightening. 

Phsysical symptoms range from – muscle spasms, to itching, vibrating, crawling sensations (especially over the charka points); feelings of intense heat or cold; involuntary bodily movements; alterations in eating (loss of appetite or much greater appetite) and sleeping patterns; extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue; intensified or diminished sexual desires;  headaches, pressures within the skull;  Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest AND one of the major signs – digestive system problems (Kundalini resides in the abdomen and that this distention is due to a purification of this area). 

Emotional symptoms include – Emotional outbursts, rapid mood shifts, seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief, fear, rage, depression;  Spontaneous vocalizations laughing or weeping; mental confusion and difficulty concentrating.

Psychic/Sipritual symptoms include the whole gamut

I have suggested stopping upward meditation practise (such as kundalini yoga or vipassana)  at this point combined with anything which makes her feel grounded in the body. Things such as eating filling meals (with grains and root vegetables like potatoes, parsnips and carrots), dancing, exercising and doing manual labour  as well as being outdoors in nature.

Some links for advice on Kundalini Awakening.

http://www.cit-sakti.com/index.htm [[Highly Recommended]]

I don’t think Kundalini awakening is the same thing as becoming a sage or becoming egoless.  It could however be the same event that some refer to as "enlightenment".  Hah that has thrown the cat among the pigeons – see how confusing throwing "enlightenment" in there is!  Damn problematic term…

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