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TrungpaFrom the introduction to "Journey without Goal: The Tantric Wisdom of the Buddha"

Many people in America have heard about tantra as the "sudden path" – the quick way to enlightenment.  Or they have heard that tantra is a form of free expression or sexual liberation or some kind of full-blown emotionalism.  But it is important to realise that tantra is not separate from the rest of the Buddhist path. Exotic ideas about tantra are not just misconceptions, they could be quite destructive.  It is both dangerous and fruitless to attempt to practice tantra without first establishing a firm grounding in the basic Buddhist teachings.

Tantra literally means "continuity" or "thread" Hinayana, mahayana and vajrayana are a continuous thread of sympathy and sanity which is never broken.  It is extremely important to understand at the outset that vajrayana is a continuation of the previous two yanas and that without proper training in the hinayana and mahayana disciplines, it is impossible to step onto the tantric path.


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