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IT Expos India style

ItconfpunemandalaToday I was at the Pune IT Expo 2005.  It was really rudimentary compared to the exhibitions one sees in the west.  It seemed almost totally focused on hardware and personal computer hardware at that.  There were PCs, PC accessories, a few wireless base stations and consumables.  Oh and lots of UPSs – India’s dodgy power makes UPSes a must.  I was hoping there would be lots of software firms but turns out almost all the top software firms work for US/European clients so exhibiting in India would be pointless.

Free business idea of the week – If you organise conferences organise an exhibition for Indian Software companies in London. If you cna do a package with flights and acommodation tin the UK – all the IT firms here will want to take space and I am sure many many people in the UK will want to visit.  After you make a killing doing this you can take me to dinner.

Puneitconf3_1Here is a pic of me at the conference – notice the swastikas on the sign in the background.


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